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General Rules and Conduct

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- No personal attacks on other members or attacks based on race, gender, religion or sexual orientation.

- Explicit sexual comments will not be tolerated. No one needs to know what you want to do to a celebrity or what you do to yourself when looking at them, so keep it to yourself. Comments in the picture sections should be on-topic with the original post.

- If you dislike a particular celebrity, please do not bother commenting (especially if you intend to cause trouble). This is known as trolling and is unacceptable. Violators will be warned and repeat offenders will be banned.

- Avoid taking image codes from other people's posts, whether from this forum or another. Not only is this disrespectful to the original poster, it can also cause the hosting site to take the links down if overused. If you post pictures from someone else's post, please have the courtesy to re-host them yourself. We take this very seriously, one instance of stealing image links from this site and using on another site will get you banned.

- Please use English in your posts, as this is an English language forum.

- Do not ask members for the sources of the pictures that they post.

Approved Imagehosts

The following image hosting sites may be used for posting in the picture sections:

tinypic (GIFs only)
imgur (GIFs only)

Any images hosted on a site deemed questionable by the staff will be deleted.

Approved Video Hosts


Banned Content

- Nude pictures and videos are prohibited. This rule also applies to avatars and signature images.

- Full movies and TV shows and torrents/MP3s are not allowed due to copyright issues.

- Fake pictures are not allowed.

- Any and all "leaked" pictures (nude or not) are banned to prevent any potential legal problems


Advertising for any other website or forum is considered spamming. If you registered with the sole purpose of spamming, you will banned without warning.

Young Celebrities

Pictures and videos of celebrities under the age of 13 at the time the pictures were taken or the video was filmed are not allowed. This does not apply to pictures or videos where an underage celebrity is shown with an older celebrity who is the focus of the post.


Do not link to pictures on another website (including your own). This is called hotlinking. You must use the Forum thumbnail code provided by an imagehost.

Posting Thumbnails

- You must use thumbnails when posting pictures in the content sections.

- When posting videos, you must post preview images. These can be caps from the video or thumbnail sheets.

- The maximum thumbnail size when posting 100 images or less is 250x250. When posting more than 100 images, please use thumbnails no larger than 200x200.


Please look through the content sections or use the search feature before posting a thread to make sure that the material hasn't been posted. Any images or videos that are bigger or of higher quality than those in the original thread will not be considered reposts and should be added as a reply to the original thread. Scans, videos or caps made by the poster are also exempt from this rule.

Thread Titles/Descriptions

All content threads must have the celebrity's name in the title and a short description of the pictures or videos. Please include the name of the event or magazine as well as the date.



Posting Social Media Pictures and Video

- To cut down on clutter all celebrity social media pictures and videos are to be posted in the Social Media section, in a single thread for each celebrity. We don't want to have a ton of different threads that each have one or two LQ instagram pictures, it will be much better to have them all in one place.

If the thread isn't created yet, please start the thread with the just the "celebrity name" in the title.


- All donations made to the forum are used to pay hosting bills and / or future upgrades to the forum software that may be necessary.

- Forum donations can not be refunded for any reason, so make sure you want to donate before you go through the process.

The WebMaster/Admins/Staff are not responsible for the subject matter posted by the members here at Jivebunnys Celebrity Forum If you are the Original Copy-right Holder and wish an Image,video, or other Copyrighted material removed from this board Please Contact the WebMaster/Admin with your request and we will remove the Materials As soon as possible.